Born 1978 in Zhou Kou, Henan Province, Sun Yanchu lives and works in Zhengzhou of the same province. He was the recipient of the 2011 Lianzhou Foto New Photography Award and the 2010 MIO Special Juror(Morimura Yasumasa) Award in Osaka, Japan.

How much truth and opinions could a photograph deliver?

I do not know. I only know that I am reluctant about slowing down. As the world interchanges reality and fantasy, I press down my shutter many times to seek for that sudden encountering by chance with something spiritual, for a temporary escape or some incomparable sensation of pleasure. I keep on going, and deeply indulge myself among them...

孙彦初  1978年生于河南周口, 现工作和生活在郑州。曾获2011年连州国际摄影年展新摄影奖及 2010年日本大阪 MIO 摄影奖评审员(森村泰昌)特别奖。



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