Jiang Yue is a female photojournalist. Born in Zhejiang Province, she currently works and lives in Hangzhou. She likes to read, to stroll, to travel, to observe ... in search of a poetic way of living.

Jiang’s photographs are taken from her everyday life. She is a traveller, a ‘flauneur,’  in her own space and time. She makes work in a very causal and spontaneous manner, often depending on chance meeting. From there onwards, her images and her subjects tell their own stories.

这些照片。在,旅途、采访间隙、喧嚣中、静默时、天空下……无以名之的一些日子里。 一个闲游者,在想停之地,在应去之处。



江玥,女,浙江嘉善人,现居杭州。喜欢阅读,行走…… 探寻诗艺的生存。